Innocence captured by the hands of evil,
                   A life stolen, that can never be returned.
                They tremble in the darkness for they have nowhere to run.
Enslaved by their captor, no freedom, not ever, unless someone finds them,
        And they hope for that day.
                         It is silent.
    As silent as the walls
   That see the tears of little girls fall,
And the buyers that just want it all.
People don’t know of the world that creeps in between everyday streets.
  Beaten, neglected, abused, rejected
                   Over 17,000,
                    That’s who they are
  Their mouths are shut by the threats of their captor,
      “Don’t say a word about this!”
         What would happen if they did?
        In front of our faces, people are sold, taken
         Why can’t we see the crime that’s committed? 
Maybe we know but are afraid to say.
Our culture is still flawed,
                      We're still not perfect,
     We just act like we are.


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