Can I Just Say

Mon, 07/21/2014 - 12:11 -- Ocen


Your misery to me is totally attractive.

I love the way your tears taste, or at least i would if ever sampled,

Your sadness entices me, makes me feel like I’m not alone

i want to be the missing piece to your puzzle, you know-the one that’s never complete

i want that final piece to be completed by me

let me be your miserable other

happiness can escape us but at least we’ll be unhappy together

we can live our sad lives in agony, ill harmonize when your heart beckons for me

give the green light, no make it yellow so i wont pass

we’ll take things real slow just so we can make it last

give me your sorrow and ill accept it graciously, just be sure you’ll do the exact same for me

Your beauty is flawless, apart from your obvious flaws

i’d point them out to the world, but ill be sure to love them all

your softness is comforting, but that’s not what i like

its your potential for abuse and that sharp tongue that fills me with delight

i love it, your hatred, your callousness, your disdain

but ill never let your know because all i do is complain

i fear your instant rejection when you see that i’m strange

so i pretend i’m not; I’m content with things staying the same

I’m twisted, your twisted, i love it, i may love you

if love were real of course then that would be our truth

i hate that you don’t see me in the light that I prefer,

but its better this way, we wouldn’t mesh that well together

we are too different, yes we are, you couldn’t care less and I’m just a try hard

if your heart were in my hand i would poke it with a stick, perfection is not for us, so I’d rile things up a bit

but though your deluded distant soul would be precariously in my hand I’d always clutch it firmly, holding on as hard as i can

Karing, almost Innocent, Misguided gal, i love what you are dearly; at least as much as i understand.



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