Cage of Death

Unseen and Unheard

the smoke torches this small world

the earth cowering, shrinking back

turning the crust from green to black

we're scaring her

by holding others and animals alike, in a grip of irreversible terror


not quite.

we as humans, we've always STRIVED for the best

drawing our electricity, power, oxygen and fire 

from our world's slowly dying ecosystem,  never letting it rest

not enough people support the cause

so the issue goes unheard of


and lost

we need to reverse the timeline, somehow, somewhere...

or nothing will be free.

 we're chaining up our own land

completely unaware

so stand up! 

run amock in the streets!

with signs and protests that our new leaders must meet

one voice is all it takes, to inspire the rest

we will be seen. we will be heard.

think of the garbage, the pollution of our seas

where marine life dies, unable to fully be free

so fly free little bird, fly right off the page! 

free from this world, and free from this rage!

let others know, that the world is changing!

and that freedom is promised

to all that believe.

so go on and get seen;

go on and get heard

for we must reverse this  ravaged world






This poem is about: 
Our world


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