Over 3.2 million students are bullied each year

Every day they go to school trembling in fear

Studies say about 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with this

But what if today some kid gave their mom the last kiss


1 in 10 kids drop out of school

But these school officials just sit there and act like it’s cool

But someone’s gotta do something this has to stop

Before some kid acts in rage and has to deal with a cop


What about the ones we already lost

Can you imagine the damage it cost

To these parents now burying their child

And all the bullies who just sat there and smiled


1 in 7 students grades k-12 are either a victim or the bully

Why this statistic we may never know fully

The world sees this happening as early as age eleven

So bless all those little angels up in heaven


You think they’re just being kids and they’ll stop

But why not do something put up a road block

Some say about 64 percent of bullying cases are never reported

But maybe they would have been if the victim felt supported


Some of this nonsense just because of race

Bullies shouldn’t say things they wouldn’t say to their moms face

Bullying is a lead cause of suicide

We can no longer sit here and hide


We have to take action

Stop the bullies satisfaction

Now statistics may be high

But that should give a good reason for a strong fight


Sexuality is another big thing picked on

But who are you to say what’s frowned upon

Now you see these bullies who think they’re perfect

Well clearly they're incorrect


Bullies usually bully people because they’re struggling

We don’t always know what problems they’re juggling

But there should be no reason to bring some else down

Just so that they share the same frown


If bullies are really feeling down and gloomy

They shouldn’t let it destroy their beauty

Everyone is beautiful

Life should be suitable  


The next time you see someone getting bullied don’t just sit there

To the person being bullied it’s just not fair

Everyone has a purpose

Even if it is to be in the circuS


Bullying has already been around too long

Not everyone is so strong

And as for school it’s a place to learn

Their studying what they yearn


So do the world a favor

Put in some tough labor

Stand up for those who are victims

And those who are showing depressions symptoms


Lets all be in this fight together

Let’s make schools better

Think about if you were to lose someone today

All because a thing called bullying took them away





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