The Bullshit I Go Through

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 15:27 -- grlaqm


United States
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I'm the person who wants attention and craves affection
Yeah i'm not the girl I used to be and I admit I let a lot of stuff get to me
Everyday I go to school with what society would call a smile
I call it bullshit
Yeah thats what it is
This has been really hard to come to terms with and admit
I'm also atelophobic
I fear rejection to it's highest peak and I'm afraid..
Afriad I'll never be accepted under any circumstance
My soul constantly wanders the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Waiting for someone to come and tell me, "Felia, you look fine the way you are."
Or "You don't need all that blush, go natural today."
Or "Go eat some lunch at school, stop trying to starve yourself to lose that extra 5 lbs."
What most people don't understand is that I'm fighting a battle with myself
And my conscience seems to be the commander of the army



heyy heyyy heyyy feliaa our poem turned out great !!!

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