Sun, 01/12/2014 - 21:20 -- romegeo

A boy

So full of arrogance

Wanting only to destroy,

Killing as if it were a dance


Another boy,

Oh so different

With a mind of tricks and ploy

His destiny is not what it was meant


Only one was destined to rule

A silent battle with every breath

Becomes a one on one duel,

A fight to the death


These were Brothers you see,

Bound by love and faith

But enemies soon to be

Betrayal--is an inescapable faith


Growing up, their true colors show

A blue heritage of sorrow,

A blood red cape to bestow

Brother against Brother, a worthy foe


Victory comes to one,

Raging hate comes to the other

Locked away, the Blue one's deed isn't done

He bides his time confiding only in his mother


But then tragedy strikes,

Red and Blue meet again

Putting aside their differences to deal with this fright

Brothers come together as one, it is said


Slowly, they gain each others trust

Brothers they are, and Brothers they shall be

Until a swipe of the sword and one withers to dust

Filled with rage, he sets out to destroy thee


He cuts down all in his way

A red cape billowing in his wake

Victorious is he with a hammer, they say

He holds his head high for his Brother's sake


But the pain is too much to bear

He was the only one to escape death; unscathed

It just doesn't seem fair

So he would leave and return to his one love, Jane


Little does he know that he opened the door,

That this was the Blue one's opportunity

A god of thunder named Thor

And a mischievous trickster named Loki


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