The Broken Toy

I'm so lost.

I'm so weak.

Everything I thought I once knew is now gone, its all down the drain.

I feel so alone.

I feel forgotten.

No one care for the way they make me feel anymore.

They treat me like a toy.

There when they want it.

Gone when they no longer need it.

Everything I do is useless to you.

You'll never see just how much I want you.

At times i find that to be a good thing for you'll have no need for me to be around.

I feel so used up.

I feel as though I have been chewed up and spit out by you.

You make me wonder if anyone has ever cared for me or if I've always been all alone.

I cannot keep to myself for much long.

I am about to explode.

But you wouldn't care.

"Oh well." you'd say.

So for that I say good-bye.


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