Broken Hearted Daughter

Its 11:55 right now and i began to think to myself why?

Why me?  Why now?

I work blood sweat an tears and do not know the reason why?

Why does she lie? Why now?

 My hands get weak when i think of this situation,

I think to myself why? Why me? Why now?

Both parties have been decieving, this tears my heart apart.

Never have I ever been this hurt before

Maybe more so hurt because its my MOTHER

My 10th grade year it hurts so bad....

I think to myself why? Why me? Why now?

I reconcile with myself and say everything happens for a reason....

But then I think about the sneaky coversations and the late night out

Why now? I feel as though im working myself into this dark hole where no one cares.

Especially my MOTHER,

Controllig and self centered

She talks on te phone and says....

" I cant come over tonight, its too cold" 

But did she ever think about whats going on in her own household again I say

Why? What is really going on?

Im hurt broken into two

                                - Brokn Hearted Daughter





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