The Broken Girl In Front Of You

The Broken Girl In front Of You

Poem By: L.R.Joslin


Like a hoodie, she has two sides. The outside bright a colorful,while looking on the inside dark and grey. She naively has shown 1 to many her true color. she’s on the inside looking out, clouded in her self-doubt.they say every tiger earns their stripes,yeah but what did she do to earn those stripes along with the pain that follows,

She wears a mask for everyone to see, floating in her artificial happiness,while deep down she is drowning in her very real sorrows.

She sits alone at night thinking “what did i do, to deserve this?”

It’s painful for her to get up and look at herself in mirror each day,asking

“When will it end?” people say she is just looking for attention but in reality

She has no fear of death, people say

She is to fat,but she starves herself. People say

She’s not pretty, but she puts pounds of make-up on each morning

She wonders “what did i do, to deserve this?”

Here in the darkest room, she tries to find her light.

Even if it was there, she would still be

The broken girl in front of you.

   She shakes violently,like an eartquake splitting the ground in halfshe gasps for air as if she truley was drowningher darkness was finally closing in her lack of oxygen from her fear of leavingthe safty of her bedroom,weighed heavily on he chestshe gripped her blankets hoping for somekindof comfort,she was alone,she knew she was truely aloneshe hugged the stuffed animal tightly to her chestshe did not want to get out of her soft gravethey say that if you cant see it, thenit must not be real,they all have blind eyeseven if they cant see it,she can feel itin her chest and stomachthe feeling of emptinessof a beating heartand the hope for someone to be therebut still,they dont believe her. she tries to get help, but all they dois put her on medication that doesnt even workand still she holds at her heart,feeling the loneliness.she asks"what did i do,to deserve this?"she was the girl in the back of the classthe girl nobody liked,aside to beat hertourment her, and abuse her.and after all this time she wasThe Broken Girl In Front Of You

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It takes courage to open up a poem to let others see inside. Great job

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