like broken clockwork

my mind functions like a broken clock

being rewired by the one trying to fix it

only to make it half of a whole

only to make me half of a whole being

i don't know what happened to make my head this fucked up

to where i cant function 

without having someone in the room

yet theyre not knowing what is going through my head.


i can't be alone in fear that the thoughts will come back

and the thoughts will take over my brain saying

"you're not good enough"

"you are a stupid piece of shit"

"why are you here"

"you're worthless"

"nobody loves you"

"you are nothing"

"you are nothing"


the words crowd my head and torment me but why do i beleive them

theyre just thoughts they cant hurt me

yet they do hurt so badly that it makes it hard to breath.

im screaming at the top of my lungs "please just leave me alone

let me live again! this is not living it is just surviving"


i over think then believe the words that come after.

so now that you know part of what goes on im my head

will you leave? or help me fight the demons?

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