Her concrete coffin is now cold wall to wall
All of these neon rainbows hold no glow at all
That little angel is on a midnight ride
She is tough on the surface, but trembling inside
The boys tell her to look alive
On the inside she knows she is living a lie
Her face against the window pane
She sheds a tear for every drop of rain
Every male watches her dance and flex
But all of them tempt her to have sex
Although she declines they all tranquilize her like an ape
Cries loud as sirens screaming she was raped
Ten years past and she is fast as a dart
Now you hear whispers “What happened to her Innocent Heart?”



This is really good. could feel emotion and almost see the character.


Dang. Deep. Loveeee this! It's kind of like 2 of my poems mixed then one...but I think this is ssoooo much better smh lol! ~awesome mam

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