Breathing Cinders


We are the wild reckless youth
Dismissing any thought to atone
Ignorant to the lessons of couth
We hide amid a collapsing throne

To your crown I add my gems
Witness in them my stories and tales
How I have only ever been condemned
Beneath it all, we are equally frail

With you this is dangerous
Feeding sparks to what has been forgotten
Try, but you will never change us
You gnaw at what’s long been rotten

Provoking the demons, they manifest
Disguised as shadows doused in flames
Only by you are they possessed
Beleaguering me, clinging to my frame

Setting fire to my insides for fun
The air is tainted with ashes
I heave in through corrupted lungs
Smothered in pain, my being thrashes

Caked in your filth, sprinkled with lies
By the hair you take what is pure
And with a smile watch as it dies
Knowing I remain entangled in your lure

My blood has mixed with yours
Accompanying the refuse and a tear
Despite having boarded all the doors
Your beasts forever thrive in my fear

I find in myself only a silhouette
Charred from the passing inferno
A lifeless face you will soon forget
A faded figure from long ago

You are the wild reckless youth
Sheltering your mind from your heart
Again I will force away the truth
Again I will forge my own place to start


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