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My mind is afloat with many ideas, Thoughts are ignited inside the eye of things which cannot be erased. Can this path of life lead to the place that I can call home,
Bloody Red, Forbidding Black Lying on the white The King, he frowns The Queen, she cries The Ace and Jack are grim Hostile Frozen Faces glare They take, they grab, they multiply
Are we awesome? Nah, maybe were just ordindary Many of my people locked away in solitary Causing this huge diversionary How can they call themselves honorary?
An imposing fortress commences rearrangement. The walls are well attended to, coalescing to appease simple vision. 
  Always Longing for  One touch Never within reach and Everyday the process begins again
We will never be just friends.    We will never be just friends because I’m in love with how my vessel of life loves the intake of gracious breeze embracing my body.  
We are the wild reckless youth Dismissing any thought to atone Ignorant to the lessons of couth We hide amid a collapsing throne
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