Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:24 -- Alharge
We take it for granted because we have always had it. 
It as in clean air. 
Air that we all share.
We as in the 7.5 million human beings that inhabit the earth. 
Let's not forget the animals too. 
You would think since breathing isn't an option we would have taken better care of the shared air. 
But no. Of course we pollute the things that we need to sistatine life. 
For those of you who don't care about the environment. 
You need to start. 
But who am I to preach to you when I myself don't always throw away water bottles in recycling or use extra water when showering?
I'm not saying I'm better.
But I know that together we. Can keep  our earth clean. 
You know what I mean ?
Throw trash in the trash can where it's suppose to be. 
Stop cutting down all the freak'n trees that we need to produce air so we can breath ! 
Stop over pricing things we need to make the earth green.  
It people can afford it how will they help support it. 
Use your voice and make some noise to let people know that breathing isn't a choice. 


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