Puerto Rico

College is coming oh me oh my
I have no idea what I'll do tonight
Applications, Dead Lines and Work
When in doubt I should just twerk
No that won't help me get in college
Maybe I should just quote hamlet
"To be or not to be is the question"
more like To go or not to go, no hesitation
I need to make something out of me
I need to go out and break free
From this prison holding me back
there are chains, they keep me trapped
I need to fill out so many scholarships
I wish I was rich so I could pay for college
Not much money, can't pay for shit
Don't know what I'll do
Prostitution? sell some kids?
None of those will help me get to where I wanna go
Need to improve, I ain't no lazy ho
I'll try my best, and work my hardest
Someday I'll join Dr.Who in the Tardis
but not right now because I am busy
So many scholarships making me dizzy
I am working on one right Now
Hopefully I will win, but how?
Bribe the judges, cash or credit?
Would you guys accept debit?
No snap out of it, honest work
Keep moving forward
Success will lurk
at every corner you just have to find it
I'll just sleep for now
Tomorrow I'll bind it


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