The Breakup

Mon, 01/09/2017 - 14:46 -- Myah12

We floated down an endless ocean together from the beginning of our time

My hand placed in yours and your hand gripping onto mine

You wanted to assure me that you would not let me go that you would not let me drown

But before we floated through these crystal blue waters with each others company, I already knew how to swim and I

feared that if I held onto your palm for too long, I would forget how to swim on my own

And so when the storm hit us for the first time, when the water began to rumble and not feel so smooth down our bodies

When the waves did everything they could to rip your hand off of mine

We lost one another

With the absence of your hand I could no longer keep my head above water just as I had feared

Maybe I never forgot how to swim

Maybe I had no desire to anymore

Maybe without you to get through the thick waters with, there was no point in settling in an unknown shore

And maybe it's not about the destination after all

Maybe it's about who the entire journey was spent by

I will fight to keep my fingertips above water if you promise to search for them when the seas have calmed

And my hand will always welcome yours back home



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I love this, so much.

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