Breakfast Tacos

I can't live without breakfast tacos.
son más que solamente tacos.

breakfast tacos are sustenance for me as cuddles are to babies.
they're mom.

they're family.
they're dad.

breakfast tacos are something that remind me of home.
they're the only thing getting me through life.

obviously I need food to survive,
but breakfast tacos are more than just food.

breakfast tacos are strange magnificents
that remind me of a house I never really had.

of a home that was
more family than a place.

breakfast tacos are reminders of my father,
who has long passed,

and our after school snacks
of breakfast tacos.

breakfast tacos are reminders of my sister,
whose strength gives me hope.

breakfast tacos are reminders of my brothers,
whose unwillingness to change remind me of where I have come from.

and breakfast tacos are reminders of my mother,
whose endless work was not for herself,

for her children.

breakfast tacos remind me of my family.
they remind me of the nights we have faced and the struggles we have overcome.

I can't live without breakfast tacos.

breakfast tacos were and are our olive branch
but more importantly

breakfast tacos are an extension of our love.

This poem is about: 
My family



Original poster here

This poem was also published on my wordpress.
a link to my wordpress can be found in my bio (I can't comment links).
Thank you


This is beautiful, I think I love breakfast tacos too!


Shoot, this is beautiful. Like, I'm surprised,

but, DANG, this is beautiful!

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