Break-up letter to an Ex-Lover

Dear Depression,

I have to hand it to you, you were the most stable person in my life at one point. When everything was going right, you never failed to hold me. You were the only one on my mind for years at a time, and I'm afraid parts of you still linger in me today. You told me you were going to be my high school sweetheart. We started being attached at the hip around 9th grade, and it took me three years to realize you weren't meant for me.

Dear Depression, it's not me it's you.

Pack all of your stuff and leave. I don't want to feel you creeping in the attic inside of my head, no I don't want you to touch me anymore. You aren't welcome. You left your mark on me, I can still trace the scars on my collarbones. You took my dignity, dreams, hope, and faith. You broke me, and I apologized. If that' not enough for you, I started seeing someone else. Her name is Happiness. She treats me better than you ever could, and I'm regretting ever letting you kiss my skin with your razor sharp tongue. 

Dear Depression, 

You don't get some sappy love letter ending. I don't want to remember you. I'm going to forget you. You will never come up in future stories I tell my children, you don't belong anywhere near me anymore. 

Dear Depression,

Good game. You almost had me. 


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