Break Up?

I said go away

When I needed you to stay

But there’s hurting in my heart

When we were together and especially now that we are apart

I told you to go

But I never wanted or thought you would though

The tears hidden on my face, the screaming pain in my heart

The reason why I pushed us further apart

I guess I thought distance would make you see make you finally hear

How when I push you away I really want you so very near

Now we are not together

And my feelings change as the weather

One simple thing can make me think of you

From happily sentimental romantic memories

To our reality that makes me blue

I see that calling you back would be selfish of me

Seeing that I hurt you when you unwittingly always have hurt me

I guess that’s why I pushed you away

Because I thought for me to stay

I would be unhappy because you never realized

How I was in pain

But it seems nothing compares to this unceasing

Emotional Rain

That I believe I have caused---you and I so much pain

You will and most likely get over this quicker than I

But only because you never caught on to my reluctant and tearful

“I love you and Goodbye”

Never wanted to let you go

Because you had the key to my heart

However the reason why we are now apart

The reason I hope you will someday come to see

Was never to criticize

Never to hurt you Baby


Was for the betterment of you and me


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