Boy or Girl

Fri, 08/15/2014 - 11:50 -- lmishu


Boy or girl?

Man or woman?

My parents cry and say no.

I am a girl, they say.

I am causing my dad to have a heart attack, they say.

I am a disappointment, a loser.

This is a phase.

Boy or girl?

Man or woman?

My friends say yes!

I am a boy!  I am Kurt.

I feel confident.

I feel manly.

My parents cry.

I feel sad.

Boy or girl?

Man or woman?

For my parents' sake, I am both.

One when I see them, another when I am alone.

Boy or girl?

Man or woman?

I honestly don't know.



I am a trans man with unsupportive, Iraqi parents.  I must hide my identity from them because they are very upset with me.  This poem is about the internal conflict I face.  Am I a boy or a girl?  Should I just be a girl to make my parents proud?  Should I just be a boy for the sake of my mental health? 

Stormie Shadle

I think you should be what makes you happy. If your parents cant accept who you are then thats there problem. Not trying to be rude or go against your parents. But you shouldnt be made to live miserably.  If you want  to be a man then be a man. If they dont approve still then at least wait until you move out of there house. While you are in there house continue doing what you are doing now

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