All of my people can't see what Im seeing

They just taunt and never started believing


Bounded by shackles, intimidated by own failure

Everyone laughs on first steps, thats just behavior


We live in a world full of rejections

Love, work and school, all without perfections


Collecting money and afraid of expenses

Everybody's afraid of facing consequences


Lies are soft, they can be made whatever

Hard to say, does it make people clever?


Life is a book, you write on your own

Its just, pen is permanent, cant be blown


We try to find silver lining and get vanity

We just dont realize its hard to face reality


Kids throwing rocks on the window pane

Or an old guy walking with a cane

Everyone's surrounded, cant tell their pain

Longing to say "Im goin insane"


They say Love is stronger than miles between

Kids talk love even at the age of fourteen,fifteen


Illusion never changed, into something real

Wide awake, we see our life's just a flywheel

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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