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All of my people can't see what Im seeing They just taunt and never started believing   Bounded by shackles, intimidated by own failure Everyone laughs on first steps, thats just behavior  
In life we ask why me? Why they always try to hurt me? Why they plan on to burn me?   People call me at 2 am saying I can be the one But thats what they say until job's done
After all your tears And all of your fears, You are strong You can always right your wrongs. Baby this is your chance To show who you are You are that star  And your dreams will take you far.
  सुबह सुबह निकले जो घर से, सोच में दिन का हाल क्या होगा, काम भी होगा या होगा सनाटा, तलाश में ख़ुशी की खुद को रोका, वक्त संभाले न संभले जिससे,
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