The bottomless well

Education is...

Paramount, necessary, irreplaceable

It is options, choices, empowering

If you are are deemed financially needy, you may just get a grant

If you are average, you may just get a bottomless well of financial debt

If you are under the age of 26, you will not be able to escape the financial chains of your family

It's crushing, painful, monumental

It's taking a full load of classes and working full time

It's sleepless nights, homework all-nighters and stress

It's cramming, studying, fighting your way through

It's college. It's overinflated. It's not overrated.

It's necessary

It's supposed to make my future bright

Then why do I see a bottomless well?

I see what could be a  down payment on a house

I see what could be a debt free life

But wait, college is necessary

Financial burdens, monthly bills, school loans...

The bottomless well never seems to end

College. The bottomless well of debt that will launch me forward or drown me.






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