I am BOLD, I am BRAVE,

Who are YOU to tell me I'm not.

I may not be the fastest to understand, but I give what I've got.

My it enough?

I study, I struggle, I even go without sleep,

To be successful in your eyes, higher grades I wish to keep.

Is it really about the students or is it about your salary?

Those of us left behind, not in your SUCCESS shrine or gallery.

I feel as though I'm fading and your empathy nonexistent,

I know I'm not the only student, how can you resist it.

We may not cry for help in words nor the slightest actions,

but our grades scream otherwise, to our satisfaction.

Can you read the signs?  They're in neon lights,

If so, how can you even sleep at night.

As a teacher your number one goal should be the success of your students,

not the salary, cars, nor feeling like you "HAVE" to do this.

If you cared about your students, gave some sort of motivation,

maybe we'd thrive off of the way you present the info...enhance our education.

We are BOLD, Wise, and ever so silent.......

Fighting for education equality,.....righteous.

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