Body Image Canto

Our faces bounced off of every wall, as well

as the bodies of many with faces of despise,

Some of theirs would shrink and some of theirs would swell


Until they were so self-loathing, that they could recognize

The pain they inflicted in others as it glared back at them,

Not long after upon entering we heard one vocalize


“Is it so wrong to aspire for my model’s shape to resemble a stem?”,

Jeffries exclaimed, who’s stem ideologies had backfired

By turning himself into his worst nightmare, far from a gem.


Next was a man resembling the lorax, who many wished had retired

Sooner than he did, And so Trump yelled as he did on earth,

“I just wanted her to have the weight to be admired”,


“Oh master, tell me who these ‘models’ are with looks of loathe and mirth”,

And to which he replied, “ Those are the reflection of sinner’s attitude

On earth, they are now judged as they judged the others and their worth”,


And as I witnessed, this criticism was not behind their back or not subdued,

Vocabulary, nothing less than heinous, echoed against the mirrored surface,

The punished souls had nothing to protect them but their skin, which was nude,


Most came here because they believed what they were doing had a purpose, A viral

Video, “Dear Fat People” intended to cure them from their habit,

Habits versus genetics, purpose versus arrogance, produced an ignorance spiral,


Like a labyrinth, we needed the guidance Alice had when she followed the rabbit,

I happened to make eye contact with a woman who liked to play candid camera,

“Master,” I said, “perhaps she can show us the way out of this exhibit,”


Fortunate that we were near the exit, we were beginning to lose stamina,

As we continued to walk the bodies faded and we could only ourselves and

Mathers, whose eyes stared back at herself with a look opposite of euphoria


For a moment I felt a sliver of pity, but Virgil stopped it before it got out of hand,

“Do you realize why these people belong here, they’ve got the sins to show for it,

If you’d like to pity them then stay down yourself, do you admire this wasteland?”


And by then I could tell it was time to part with mathers and recommit

To our journey, the mirrors were now almost completely blurred,

And then in a sudden motion, we parted ways with her that seemed unfit,


Mirrors had turned to glass and on the opposite side we could not be seen of heard,

I turned to my master, “Justice has been given and and rightfully so,

For those who shame other’s bodies are down right absurd,”


And him to me, “God has created everyone’s body with thought in every sew,

If the world were full of the same body, it would be immensely dull,

And if you’ve lived so ignorantly you will go down below,”


I pondered this wisdom, for before the eighth, there was a bit of a lull,

To think before you act is a valuable skill,

Use what is given to you, inside of your skull,


I stared upon the bolgias awaiting, awaiting for more to fill,

If you end up in hell, you’ll have an infinite amount of time to kill.


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My community
Our world
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