Blooming Sooner Then Expected

It takes a while for something to grow, but once it does it begins to blossom, nothing will get in the way of stopping it. Love is like the petals of a planted flower. It starts off small and works its way to a colorful, fully bloomed sight. It's real beauty will shine through as long as it is watered daily. Love will last a lifetime if effort is put out fourth everyday. Forget to water the flower, the liveliness will die out and it cant be fixed just as a human stops feeling the spark within the love they have, then it is not real love at all. What is done will be done for good! Our friendship is the fertilization of a plant. Our feelings for one and other grow everyday. Like a flower showing its petals, we will shyly state how we really feel and come together as more. Therefore we will be blooming into something so special yet beautiful. As the sunlight shines on this barely blooming flower it begins to open slowly. Similar to the love we have been feeling. We uncontrollably start to grow closer to each other and spill our hearts out. we will let down our barriers. Maybe we will love from a distance at first but we will still feel those feelings just like the sun being high in the sky, it somehow reaches the flower and that plant still receives its sunlight. the petals on a flower are delicate. They could fall off in a matter of a second. So what is more fragile than flower petals? Our love...




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