The Blood that Kills Me With Shame


The anger burning when I hear your name

The disappointment throbbing in my veins

Your blood runs through my blood

The blood that kills me with shame


I can't stand the fact that you couldn't raise me but you could raise her

Raise her like your daughter even though she doesn't carry your DNA

Gave her everything and left me with nothing

Gave her love, while you turned away

Tu Ignoraste mi llanto de desesperación y mis lágrimas de dolor

You ignored my cries of desperation and tears of pain


When I was young you were never there to wipe my tears

You were never there to read me fairy tales

You were never there when I needed a damn blood transfusion

The blood you so jealousy claim


You walked out on us and act like it is an accomplishment, and should be praised

You lie to the world but I'm the decoder of your lies

Your fake smile doesn’t fool me because I know it’s just another mask


In the last five years you never had the balls to call me, to see if I was ok

And now you want to come back? Thinking everything will be the same?

Well let me tell you something, it's too late

Now it's not about what you want it's about what I want

You forget that I'm still human, and don't understand that now it's my game


Nowadays the love I feel is not yours

A better man has stepped up and took up the place that you never earned

You say you want to erase the past but let me ask you what past?

There is no past, there are no memories

The only thing to remember are all the times you didn’t show up

The times you left me waiting on the cold concrete steps wondering why you forgot


You say I will always be your daughter

Pero cuando te necesitaba no estuviste y ahora soy yo la que se va

Now just like you walked out on us, I'm walking out on you

Walking away from the blood that kills me with shame


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