Thu, 04/10/2014 - 15:59 -- Elijher


It only becomes a constant remembrance that your life becomes an imprisonment;
Living yet dying each second but wasn't put in our eyes to envision it. 
Sight becomes dull and weary as if the world crumbles the faith that keeps us strong;
Not knowing if today was the last day to ever break that bond.  Losing your freedom without the urge to be noticed or seen; 
Invisible to society with the constant stress that everyone is staring at me.
Watching the ways of a broken heart never to be replenished;
Can life, death or love be the only way to make this pain finish. 
Never enough to hold deep inside as it burns while you progress to fail and fall; 
Or just the unwilling remedy of life that becomes nothing at all. 
Every minute shows that it’s all over and happiness can be something; 
Or could’ve known better to see the blood we breathe means nothing. 
The adrenaline rushing that poisons the water that flows through;
How could life be the one that became of you? 
Waking up to the destruction of the old me gone and the new one I’ll never know yet; 
Praying god takes me down a path that never leaves me to wonder what depression will do next. 
Each day becomes a routine of the same memory we have seen;
Or an illusion to your eyes once you blink as if life can only be a dream. 


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