Why can't humans see?
Why can't they hear all the amazing noises around them?
They can't seem to contemplate how many lives they've touched.
With just a whisper a life can be changed forever.
Whether good
Or bad
Drifting through the wind we hear the little words that can lift us up or tear us down 
We hear the rumors but never know
We turn our heads like owls in the night saying who's telling the truth, who?
We point our fingers at one anothers expense.
We laugh at the words shared, but on the inside we are just plain scared.
If we don't laugh along, if we don't join in, will we be next?
We as humans are blind to the fact that we can't see all the sides of something.
We can't see the tears shed over the short word "fat" or the daunting words much worse.
We can't see the inner battle, of the people who ask what's wrong with me? 
Of the people who wonder why God? 
We just blow the words from one ear to another like drifting clouds. 
But in reality, those clouds bring never ending storms, torrential downpours of negativity that leave everyone with a nasty taste in their mouth. 
 Yet we still can't see the good we bring to the world
The smiles of people who we open doors for, the laughter of those who hear our jokes.
We can't see the life that we live and the amazing things we've done. 
Because all we can see is ourselves
All we can hear is our minds telling us were not good enough, were not worthy
All we know is what others have told us about ourselves
Because our sight is impaired
Our minds are mixed up
We wear blinders
If we saw the good the world may be happier
The weight on our teenage shoulders may be lighter
The people in our lives may be a little nicer
But we can't see all the good
We can only see the things others tell us to
Our blinders are our own worst critics, are our own flesh and blood, are the people we trust least
Our blinders are the people around us and in truth they make it extremely difficult to see
The blinders are removable, but you have to choose.
Keep judging others? 
Or understand, like you, no body needs the extra weight added by those who don't even know them.


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