I can't see a world with out you ,
But then again I can't see 
I'm blinded by your love, my insecurities. 
I am blinded by what use to be mine , the things u use to say,Memories I will never forget, spilling through my tears and joyless nights. 
Burning in sorrows , drowning in regrets 
I've pored my heart out to you, your ears see no remorse 
You are blinded by my lies and insecurities and hatred of thee words I spew to you in anger
so stubborn that u elect me in hopes that I will learn to see , blinded by uncertainness lost in pain 
That I've caused ? I've caused . I've brought into your life. Love contributed into a lost cause years waisted in your eyes
Years I spent wallowing in my lies, basking in unworthy love.
i have been broken,Broken with no repair but your presents blinded by insecurities and deafen by my own screams 


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