Blank Space

Sat, 10/12/2013 - 13:18 -- Tonij4

Oh smart teacher,

how you glance upon that board,

explaining the wornders of art,

as you are explaining what the great philosophers before us,

feels their take on the subject you,

try to filter it through your mind yet your years of exeperience still cant decipher so,

why do we stare upon this blank space,

Space that is waiting to be filled with information that will give us vision as to,

what you are actually talking about,

You stand there and speak and nothing is coming through,

you point at the blank board as if word were there and we actually understand you, 

In reality, we have no clue

We sit there and wonder how you even became a professor, 

was it so easy to earn your letters because your voice is a pester,

What are you talking about, 

There is nothing there,

Why should we be tested on notes when our paper is bare,

why..... why should we care,

all that is in our minds is that we master our craft,

and still we ask,

why are we here


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