A beautiful wonderful, girl who needed someone.

But there was no one.

Alone. Forgotten. And seemingly worthless.

Abandoned at birth and taken by strangers.

She rejected them.

She refused to say they were her parents.

They claimed love.

They claimed sincerity.

All that came was hurt.

By the time she was 11.

Everything would stop

Nothing mattered

Rape, something that never should have happened

It almost ended her.

She failed some classes of grade 4

Her parents

Not happy

To them she was worthless.

After the blood had stopped

The bruises needed to fade

She had to stay home until the visible pains were gone.


She needed someone

Seemingly she had no one.

In middle school she was told to die,

She was called fat.

She stopped eating to try to save her relationships

She turned to boys for the love she so needed.


She was almost dead by the time she was in grade 6.

Death had taken her by the time she was in highschool.

Her story ended.

Her story ended with her pale and thin.

Her story ended with her feeling worthless and lost.

Her story should not have ended the way it did.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country


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