I'm falling hard, but it's my time to go. 

Be who I'm destined to be they say, but what do they really know.


Senior Year. 


I've had enough of this crap, I'm done. 

I'm old enough, smart enough, tough enough, to do this alone. 


Senior Year.


Yea, I may not know much about the world, but I'll find out soon enough. 

It's MY choice, MY decision, MY life, not yours. 

You think that you know best, but let's put it to the ultimate test. 

If I can fly away, what would you say?

That was luck.

Yea? No way. 


Senior Year. 


You're gonna WISH you listened to me when you should have.

You're gonna WISH I was still here.

You're gonna WISH I knew less than I do now because honey, I'm seeing clear.

I'm glad to have known you. I'm glad to have met you, but honestly, let me say this one thing.

This is MY

Senior Year. 


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