a funny story

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Dirty feetStinky feetCute little babyfeetSore tanned blistered feetThose are just a few. Sock feetClean feetSlippery muddy itchy feetUgly hairy wet feetSmelly feet too! 
I've hunted near, I've hunted farI even looked inside the car.I've lost my glasses and I need them,To have them now so I can see.I loudly swear and I curseDid I leave them in my purse?
The dictionary has many words for love But not what I’m accused of I’m a mopperist, exposing myself To blind people in the park Or when it starts to get dark I jingle my junk in their face
I may be a loser now But in my past lifetimes I was a big deal I may work at Footlocker Lacing up peoples shoes But in my past lifetimes I was a super dude
Why did I have to be named Yoshi It’s the only Japanese name that Americans recognize Named after some stupid Mario Brothers character Yes, my name is Yoshi I was not born in Japan I was born in Connecticut
I don’t want to go to school   Even though my teachers are really cool but here I stay   Every single day  
There once was an egg left all alone, whose shell was slightly a different tone. Despite it’s color, a duck became its mother.   Weeks fluttered by until one day, babies came out to play.
In Baconville, USA resided three karate masters. Extraordinary pigs named Billy, Blanco, and Baxter.  One more tournament, one more fight. One last round and they'll be done for life.  
I see you every morning, afternoon, and night, and if you're gone it just isn't right.  When you're gone my stomach churns, and no matter what else I try, you're the only thing I yearn.
here's a story that has been told and witness one too many times it goes something like this this takes place in the train live from the bronx excuse me ladies and gentlemen my name is jamel
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