Black Dove

Fri, 12/06/2013 - 11:05 -- ncherry


With wings of ash darkness hides me

Shadows glisten on my feathers

Burroughs, dusk, and no where near dawn

Creatures scrambling to find shelter fromthose that wait and watch for the next victim

Scurry Scurry from the eyes all around, waiting for the right moment to strike

I watch the wind from under their feet

Empathy beholds me, I soar from above

Below they are unaware, some even dance to the fallen drops, making their own beat

Grabbed and carried to their destinies

We all await it, carelessly and oblivious to the truth

Camouflage to it all, its hard to catch me

I can move like them, use their language, even court them if I shall choose

Invincibility is my secret

What can be sweet and coy can turn ratchet with fury

I cut thriough lies using only my feet, I pck the dark dreamers with my beak

I smell them from a mile away, I see them before they see me

Laughter fills the naive; They conquer the weak willed

Those left behind with no one to teach, watch and nurture them

Easy prey to they become to the ones that sit and watch

Nothing left to savor

Darkness clouds smother those left on the ground; open to be prey

Didnt anyone teach them the way?

To live through the shadows

If they remain lost, they can never be found

Forever lost in the translation, waiting to be the next


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