On Bisexuality

Sometimes I really gotta think

The SJWs gotta got it right

They rioting over the world’s dieting

And trannies are the cool folks now

It’s uncanny how your eyes open on Tumblr dashboards

Allies who will let you in without a passport

They’ll stamp on mine say it’s all fine even though I’m bi

With others I had to try and explain why

Liking girls and liking boys is like

Liking pearls and liking toys

They’re not in the same category.


When I told my dad I’m queer

He wanted it clear I still liked boys

His mind’s ridden with grandchildren

And I can’t argue cause like my mom

He doesn’t understand that if I’m married

That feeling for girls isn’t buried

I’m not attending any pending funerals

Of my love for boys or girls

The white noise or the pretty curls

Will not die because of you may kiss the bride.


Maybe it’s easier to say that I’m gay

Girls are my poison, snakes are unnecessary

And girlfriends are not just girls who are friends

Like the old ladies say without end

Yes, it would be easier

Cheesier and breezier, sure

So when I tell my friend that I’m gay

He’ll say it’s a bigger deal than bisexual

Cause all intellectuals know the perpetual

Love for the same sex is a sexier complex.


So yeah, if you ever ask,

Being bi is hard, standing on that line is hard

I’m showing all my cards, it’s basic, not avant-garde

And whether I choose a king or a queen

I’m not changing my scene it’s just my preference at the time

Because that girl has nicer hair and beautiful lips

The boy’s aspects aren’t eclipsed just not chosen

Just like you rate a girl a dime or an eighth

And smoke it all the same

This is how I play my game.



I Really loved this poem, the analogies and imagery got the point across very powerfully. *Snappluase*

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