Birthay My Friend


Hey dude, its your birthday today,

You are still so small but you think like a giant wall,

The days we spent together,

all that stuf in library,

for me its all about memories,

today i take stand,

to replicate your talent

i know it cant be better than you 

but i learnt something new.


The words you put together,

to create a wonderful matter

the thoughts you bonded together

to create a wonderful character,

those lines which made me spell bound,

i bow down on those special counts

remember my friend

when the world tries to pull you down,

show them what you can write down,

may this pen of yours go on forever

for you a feather, for others a treasure,

i know i am non creative idiot morone,

but on this day i just wanna say

happy bday, ROCK ON!!


Happy Birthday :)


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