You're sitting in class

You're walking in the sunlight

You're dancing on the floor

You need to be alright


You said you're smile is fake

But how can that be

I've known you my whole life

I've helped you feel happy


So if you're only down

Or you've never been up at all

Is still left to see

But I've been trying to call


If you would just pick up

I swear I would stop

I just need to hear your voice

Even if it's a slop


I was scared like this before

By a different person then

They're getting better I've seen smiles

You don't have to pretend


Speaking of that other time

It fills me with great pride

Her heart turned strong against this flood

and yours will take this in stride


I've got no more words

This is just an illusion

For the anger and the sadness inside

Has boiled me up with confusion


So next to you I stand

Around the issue you've been skirting

And if you listen close

You can hear a hundred birds chirping


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