Bipolar and Free

It feels as if I'm flying and not even trying to be better,
No longer am I plagued by depressing thoughts in my head, wishing I were dead but rather
Feeling like I'm on top of the world ready to leap down into the abyss below,
Who knows what I'll get myself into
Because the line between stop and go no longer exists for me

It feels as if I'm racing, nearly bouncing off the walls
From the thoughts in my head to the wires in my heart telling me to go
Who would have known that soon there'd be
hurricanes in my chest and fire in my heart,
God I don't even know where to start

Earlier today I had thoughts no man would want to sit through but now,
I'm perfectly fine sitting through, well trying to sit through, this mood because the only negative in this situation is eventually what comes up must go down

But that's for a later time because right now, I'm going as fast as I can be, flying high and mighty above all my insecurity and doubt
Ready to shout:
Hey world look at me, I'm bipolar and free

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