The Biggest Test

The biggest test is life

ups and downs, fun and strife.


you already made a mistake

a thing so small you dont look twice

because its not something to entice.

Did you spot it yet?  or not.

Theres the possibility

you didnt see

any apostrophes

...or is it just me?

Life is like that, full of tiny mistakes

you waiting to late to try and amend.

Clear the chance that your life is at stake

rather than clearing a plate cause it had some good steak

No cheat sheet, no answer key, no highest score.

Instead you all have a disability, no less, just add more.

You start off losing, time is halfway done.

Life doesnt take full effect till about twenty-one.

Look back and say:

shouldnt have done that or been there

but its too late, now I dont care

"Live life to the fullest" -most people say

Its been 2000+ years of life. You really still think thats the right way?



My 1st one.  Hope you like.  Just think on it for a while.

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