Better Wash Your Hands

We teach tolerance.
What a disgusting word. "Tolerate". A word that one spits out, like a bad taste you can't wash away.
Better wash your hands, it makes you dirty.
A word that tells you that you need to allow those who are not like you to exist.
Because they need your permission.
Our world is a rainbow of colors and abilities, but people still need to be endured because they are different.
We do not accept or respect those who are not the same as us, but still we are told that they are not less than us.
We can parrot that all we want, but that doesn't change how we act. 
A wheelchair is leprosy, a cognitive impairment is contagious. 
Better wash your hands. 
The lack of knowledge of our people allows us to pretend that they don't exist. 
If we don't look at them, we can act like they are not there. 
A human is a human is a human. 
Just because he doesn't walk on two legs or speak with Harvard-educated fluency, does not make him anything less. 
Better wash your hands. 
You wouldn't want to catch "different". 
All the soap and purell in the world won't save you from your ignorance. 
But still, you better wash your hands.  


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