A Better Self


Day in, and day out there is a voice inside my head

it reminds me of yours
the annoying buzz I can detect a mile away 
I don't even have to look up I already know it. 
I roll my eyes and I hold my tongue
The word "friends" won't cut it anymore
What are we now?
I am just another forgotten face walking down those hallways 
you say the typical bullshit that makes a teenager as myself, to fall for
the emotions, I wouldn't want them to show on my face 
it pains me to remember those feelings I once had
no matter how loud my voice carries, the effort I bring
you could care less of my existence
I am thinking of ways to show you what I'm made of
but you keep knocking me down
the cycle never cease to end
I need to stop, what am I thinking? 
I am tired of trying to impress you, I am sick of it all
finally I see the light, writing is my release; my saving grace
It's the power I hold on to, I won't let it slip away
I know now that you are not worth it.
My time, my energy, and on my mind
you cannot control my happiness or me.
I can be whatever I want to be.
Enough is enough.


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