Betrayal of an old friend (Artemis and Orion)

As the new tracks licked the freshly fallen snow

My eyes seemed to glisin brighter than ever

As if my arrows could taste the thick metallic liquid of the soon to be

Slaughter of the diseased animal that has been running from my eye


The death of a man I onced used to look to as my love

We shared a love for the hunt

The idea of being together

In a bitter cold night such as this one

Seemed to excite him more than anything

As long as he was with me

He was my companion

My friend


My anger roared inside of me

But the stealth of silence can only keep me hidden

If silence was to be kept hidden 

Then it shall like a horrendous lie


An ember caught my eye

It burned it’s orange hue 

Against the frozen bark that surrounded us both

The smell of flame and water mixed

like the sky's wind on a bitter day


I could hear his faint whisper of an apology

That he did not mean no harm

That he did love me

That It was all just a moment


I almost felt remorse for him

As I could see the life exit his eyes 

as life was brought back to mine

My arrow bathed in the now freezing blood 

that showered the snow with its crimson color


For once

A smile returned to my face 

as the snow fell elegantly on the freezing dead body 

Of an old friend

Silent, but graceful



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