Believe You?

Am I supposed to believe that you're going to be a lawyer when  you spend more money on shoes than books?

And that you're going to be a doctor because you spend a lot of times with girls but can only navigate matters below the waist.

And in faith, I'm supposed to believe you?  While I do my work, I'm supposed to achieve for you? 

And make this road a breeze for you?

While I'm struggling doing what I need to do?

And now you're mad at the world because you didn't do what you were supposed to do. And my tax dollars pay for your negligence. Your lack of interest, hard work, and motivation.

But I was supposed to believe, that eventually you'd get it together and for better or worse you'd come back to your turf with a cap and gown while others frown at your achievements.

Instead you went and did what they expected, neglected, you felt pressured to live a life destined for failure. 

And here we are. 

I can't believe it.



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