Being Judged

Prove it! They tell me
Just prove it! They say
Or else you don’t really feel this way

My teeth clench tightly
I hold back the tears
I try to keep still
But I’m shaking with fear

Trembling, just trying to fulfill
This need
This emptiness inside
Growing, demanding
Pulling my pride
It only expands when I force it to hide

Prove it! They shout
Unreasonable, judging
I try to hold back
But it comes rushing out:

Don’t judge me!
Don’t hate me!
Don’t assume that you know me!
How dare you think you understand
Well, why don’t you show me?
I hate you so much!
I despise how you treat me:
Denying my pain because you see no stain

How could you! I scream
Glass shatters to match
My heart
My burden
My pain
That I can never describe
Leaving all those who see me to judge what I feel
Not knowing how I walked over thorns
Just to heal

My breathing slows down
My screams die away
Though agony remains, I control what I say

But you know, I whisper
As much as I wish I could only prove how
Complex and deep my feelings are now
Though I wish you could see
My pain and my strife
I would never be so heartless, never be so cruel
As to have you feel what I’ve endured
Every second of my life

And that’s because
I love you
We’re similar, you and I
We both endure hardship
Though we don’t see eye-to-eye
And I will easily admit
That although I’m not blind
I do not know or understand
What goes through your mind

You do not mean to judge me, I know
So you see
I will never judge you
As the world has judged me



I love this.. Hits you hard in the right places when you read it

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