Being Judged

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Well, well, well Look what we have here, A girl who is useless and overwhelmed with fear.   I may be quite the criticizing one, But at least I know how to get the job done.   You screwed up,
Bonjour. You look at my beauty, you look at my prevelent poisnous poise, And none would expect that I would have such a secret. But my outer shell does not reflect the inner noise 
I step, breathe, repeat Cracks, sparks, heat The fluidity of my steps become unassertive, unsure. I look to my fate What I have earned for my actions The costriction round my body tightens
Ya know that quiet boy That gets bullied every day Then you say you’re not at fault, Because you had nothing to say When a guy who’s got it made
The ones who always ask for a vacation. Is just a bunch of teens. In the middle of this crazy segregation. That we've been trying to avoid by all means. We're all in the middle of this war.
You assumed that it was always me me. You assumed that it was my fault You assumed that I was shellfish.
Prove it! They tell me Just prove it! They say Or else you don’t really feel this way My teeth clench tightly I hold back the tears I try to keep still But I’m shaking with fear
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