Behind this smile

Behind this smile

I’m smiling, but inside I’m dying

Whenever I’m alone, I break down and being crying

I’m happy every once in a while

Behind this smile

I try so hard not let anyone breaks me down

Panic attacks and depression attacks me with no sound

Living in my past and drowning in my struggle

My life feels like it’s about to crumble

Behind this smile

I still tend to smile like nothing is wrong

Nobody knows I’ve been feeling this sickness called depression for this long

To stop me from having suicidal thoughts

I sit back and smile, begin writing and singing my favorite song

Behind this smile

It feels like my lungs and heart is tying up into knots

These past few years this beautiful girl had been though a lot

I’m sick of crying and tired of trying

Tired of this messed up society and your used to be friends lying

Behind this smile

I’m tired of hiding

I’m tired of fighting

I beg

Asking god to take all this pain and illness away

And hopefully I’ll be happy one day

No more depression

No longer show a fake face expression



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