Behind My Smile Is A Story

Fri, 01/17/2014 - 08:36 -- maiya96

Behind my smile is a story you will never understand. Growed up from having absolutely nothing to having alot. Mama struggled just take care of me and my other siblings. Never really knew my father because mama couldn't afford to let me go see him. Walking around school with my head held down because the criticism is to much for my hears. Never really wanted much in life when i was younger just wanted to be accepted for who i am. As I got older what people thought became less important because i knew if i wanted the best for myself what others thought and their opinions shouldn't matter as much as it did to me then. Never thought increasing my education as much as i can would be my major prority but guess what it is. Went from getting C's and D's in school to getting A's. B's and maybe one C. Once a mean and rude person because of how i got treated but now a respectful dedicated high school senior that only wants the best for myself and to do that I will need to do my very best and strive for better. Behind my smile is a long story that could've been better but it wasn't and if it wasn't for God being by my family's side then alot of things had happened when i was younger i probably wouldn't have made it this far in life. I always wondered if how i looked from someone else eyes what they thought but now I see that doesn't matters because i am who i am, im not perfect i have made mistakes throughout my life i can't change them i can only prevent them from happening again. I am who i am and i can't change it. Im just one ordinary girl achieveing my goals one by one and not letting noone or anything get in my way. No matter what happens i will accomplish each and every goal i have either you believe in me or you don't it doesn't i might fall, break down and cry, feel as if i can't take the pressure, or maybe if feel like i want to give up sometimes but i promise you i will never give up for sure because i am one dedicated student when it comes to my work and getting it done. When i was younger school and getting my work done wasn't so important because i really didn't think it matter but now i see it does. Growing up i was talked about, made fun about, bad things were said, people often wanted to fight me for no reason, and at that rate i wanted to give up. If my friends wouldn't have encouraged me that i was going to regret giving up and that i could do anything because im really smart i just have to stop letting other things distract me.If it wasn't for God and all the encouragement that i got from alot of other people i dont know where i would be today. Every day i get judged people think im nothing because of the sterotypes that are being said today. Well i am going to prove alot of people wrong that it doesn't matter what color size age or background you have you can still be successful and go a long way as far as your future. Other people often say because alot of young teenage girls are getting pregnant that majority girl wills be having a child or getting pregnant before they graduate, well thats not the case for me. A child isn't in my plans for my future and noone will change my mind because i have big plans after high school and it's just not a child.You determine where and what you will be doing 10 years from now noone else does.


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