Behind My Curtain


This mask is starting to feel comfortable

My emotions are unknown and so many other little things

I know myself but little by little is seems the pieces are fading

If I show my real self they won't understand

My mindset is older than my body

I've withheld my true form form others

That now the curtain is heavier to push back

I didn't want them to now I was birthing philosophy since a young age

I didn't want them  to know that I could do that

Cause they couldn't get to where I am

I'm further along and it's blocked my emotions

I'm so youthful Ican't say I know who I am

Will I know sooner than later or will  I know myself when I truly open up?

Do I even have that ability to open up?

I can show myself fully if I don't know that rest of it that exist

Stuck in a cell in my own frame and I don't even have the key



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