Behind the Mask

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 18:22 -- Lynxee


I see you.

I hear your words.

I feel your tears as they fall,

forbidden from your eyes.


Oh how your sadness consumes you.


lies the false imagery of peace.

A plaster mask clings to your tired face.

Fooling all but the wisest.



like a lion.

You plea for them to see.

Yet, held captive by your silence

no word of anguish escapes your smiling lips.


Continue to preform.

No one will know,

but I.


I see you.

Not as the blind see.

I see your soul

carrying the weight of the world.


I hear your words.

Not as the deaf hear.

I hear your screams,

your throat bleeds from crying so long.


I feel your tears.

Not as the numb feel.

I feel the true sadness that lies beneath 

your paper thin smile.

Trying to cover the pain.


Run as you may,

it will find you.

And I will be there.

To pick up the pieces 

of your shattered heart.


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